Introducing the new Bethany House Resident Inclusion team

We value our residents’ input and encourage all of our residents to be involved in day to day life at Sapphire Independent Housing. With this in mind, the Bethany House team have established a Resident Inclusion Team as a direct contact for all residents based at Bethany House. The specific focus of the team is to encourage Bethany House residents to share their ideas and get involved in local and Association activities.

The team includes four members of the Bethany House team - Team Leader, Olutoye Babalola and Project Workers Leighanne Bell, Polly Essex and Megan Smiley. They understand that you are all very busy throughout the day and don't always have the time to attend resident meetings and get involved in all activities and events. But getting involved isn't always about attending activities and events. It's about showing an interest in what's happening at your scheme and across the Association and sharing your thoughts and ideas on ways to develop and improve existing services and activities.

The Bethany House Resident Inclusion Team have therefore created a specific resident inclusion email to help residents contact them with ideas and suggestions if you don't have the time to come and see them in person. If you have any ideas and suggestions for activities, groups, or events at Bethany House or you have any questions about existing events and activities you can email them to the Resident Inclusion Team at . It’s a great way to be involved even if you can’t make it to the event!

Bethany House Resident Inclusion poster.

There are also a variety of activities and ways all our residents can communicate their ideas and suggestions across the Association. You can find out more about this via our resident involvement and resident consultation pages.

If you would like to get involved in any activities and events or you have any ideas, suggestions, questions for activities, groups, or events we would love to hear from you at

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