Ruin and Rebuild Exhibition

Some of our Bethany House residents attended the pop-up Ruin and Rebuild exhibition, part of the Being Human Festival 2017, on Saturday 25th November.

One of the exhibitors, Alexandra Gray, a previous Sapphire resident at our Bethany House hostel, used the hostel and it's history to explore the idea of 'home' for her exhibit. Alexandra returned to Bethany House a number of times to speak to staff and residents about their experiences of the building and invited them to the exhibition on November 25th.

The exhibition hosted a number of exhibitors and artists, all of whom are current students, displaying artefacts, photography, film, art, performance, and poetry on the theme of 'lost and found.' There was an opportunities to meet and interact with all the artists and exhibitors and discuss their ongoing studies and research.

Project worker Megan, really enjoyed the event stating “All of Bethany House residents, who attended the exhibition, really enjoyed it and found it very inspiring to see a once resident of Bethany House exhibiting at the event”

Great work Alexandra, we hope to see more of your exhibitions in the future.

Some of Bethany House's residents thoughts about the exhibition and talking to Alexandra in preparation for her exhibit:

“I felt emotional hearing other residents speak about Bethany House because I could relate to how they feel, it’s nice to know that they feel safe here like I do”.

“I feel really proud to be part of Bethany House’s history”.

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