Home Safety visits by the London Fire Brigade

Thank you to the London Fire Brigade (LFB) representatives, from all our residents at St Eugene Court, for providing an interesting and informative home safety talk on Thursday 7th December 2017.

The talk concentrated on helping residents keep their homes safe from fire risk and reinforcing the importance of all residents taking reasonable steps to ensure there are no fire risks within their home. Advice included information around testing smoke alarms, how to stay safe if you are a smoker, burning candles, heating and electrics, and cooking in the kitchen.

They also provided advice around what to do in the event of a fire, such as knowing your escape route, closing all doors on your way out, and alerting others where possible - by shouting FIRE. They also passed on contact information for various organisations who help individuals, with sensory impairments, to access free advice and products that can help alert them to danger in the event of a fire.

If you think you would benefit from this and you are a general needs resident, living in one of our self-contained properties, please contact your Housing Officer - Leanne Maher on 020 7485 8889. If you live in one of our shared housing schemes or hostels please speak directly to the scheme staff for further information.

The LFB also offer free individual home visits (available to all general needs, self-contained residents) where advice will be given on a one to one basis tailored to your home. If you are interested in one of these visits contact 0800 028 4428 or email smokealarms@london-fire.gov.uk

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