Updates for all Bethany House residents

Due to maintenance changes we are introducing a new appointment system for all routine jobs reported. Residents will be given a choice of AM or PM slots and will be required to provide access to maintenance staff whilst they carry out the repair.

This was discussed at our last general house meeting. There will more opportunities to discuss this at future house meetings so we would encourage you to attend and give your feedback about the new system. Dates for future house meetings are as follows (times to be confirmed):

- 20th of December 2016
- 17th of January 2017
- 21st of Febrary 2017
- 21st of March 2017

The current coffee morning and wellbeing workshops arrangement is also under review due to resident feedback, via the recent survey by CASA and CGL, suggesting the two activities should be separate. The idea is to now hold a resident coffee morning once a month and for the wellbeing sessions to continue every Tuesday as a separate activity.

Thank you to everyone who recently provided their feedback on the wellbeing workshops offered by CASA and CGL. Jackie and Manjeet will be using your suggestions to improve future sessions.

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