Women's health workshops coming in 2017

Sapphire and Team Up, Health Education England, have joined together to launch an exciting health and wellbeing project for all female residents.

The project will include workshops offering advice on women’s health issues. The first programme of workshops will be held at Bethany House and is currently planned to commence in February 2017.

Team Up are in the process of creating a brief questionnaire to find out what people would like covered in these workshops. Some suggestions so far include cervical screening and breast cancer awareness. If you would like to give your input into the content of these workshops please download and complete the below questionnaire and return it to your Key Woker by Friday 30th December 2016.

The workshops are open to all female residents, from both supported and general needs schemes, across the Association. I

If you are interested in participating in these workshops please speak to your Key Worker or Housing Officer for further information on how to get involved.

Team Up Workshop content questionnaire

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