Supported Services

Every resident in supported accommodation has a dedicated key worker who works closely with them throughout their stay. The resident and key worker will produce and then follow a personal action plan which aims to cover all aspects of the resident’s needs and aspirations.

The personal action plan provides a series of realistic achievable goals to help the resident towards independence. Keyworkers also provide assistance with benefit claims, advice on communal living, advice on meaningful use of time including sign posting to training or volunteering opportunities.

Our recovery service provides specialist supported housing for those who have completed a detoxification programme and are preparing for independent living.

How we work

The key worker and resident undertake an assessment of needs and, working together, develop a personal action plan to address these needs.

Residents are encouraged to participate in a range of activities designed to develop key life skills, improve health and well-being and build confidence. People are encouraged to link in to local services, build positive social networks and contribute to the community.

Progress on this plan is monitored in regular key work sessions and can be revised if necessary.