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With a large portfolio of properties it is inevitable that things go wrong. Sometimes it might be an emergency but more often than not it is usually something routine which can nevertheless make life irritating and frustrating. Whatever the problem in your home, we need to know either online, by telephone or in person. Contact details are laid out below so please make a note… just in case.

There are three ways to report a repair ...

1: Report a repair by phone

If you have an emergency repair please do not report it online. Please contact head office during office hours on 020 7485 8889.

If it happens out of office hours or at weekends please ring our out-of-hours number on 020 7372 6633 and we will ensure it is dealt with as soon as possible.

If the problem is a routine one, please call head office on 020 7485 8889.

2: Report a repair now using the on-line form below

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3: Report a repair via a downloadable, printable form

Download: our repair request form. (Docx)

On completion please email to info@sih.org. You will receive acknowledgement by email.

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